The next big thing in adventure sports has arrived...

Popular in Europe for the last few years, this intense new sport is about to hit North America in a big way. Recent advances in gear have made it much easier and safer to learn. It can be done with or without skis, and at speeds ranging from "boozy cruisy" to seemingly reckless. What's best of all, it is the least expensive form of flight available to human beings. In our opinion, it is the most exciting too.

With its steep inclines of thousands of feet, remote location, and lack of dense tree coverage, the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range offers unrivaled speed flying terrain. In the summer, the number of flying sites is in the hundreds. When the snow falls, even more sites become accessible. You don't have to be a skier to enjoy speed flying...running off the edge of a mountain cliff is perfectly fun! With the huge number of different options in flying sites, there is something for every type and level of speed flyer in the Sierras.

Speedfly the Sierras is owned by long-time Mammoth resident Troy Hartman. With 21 years of skydiving experience and an X-Games gold medal to his credit, Troy brings the utmost in expertise to the fledgling sport of speed flying. His background as a flight instructor in both powered and non-powered aircraft has instilled in him a deep understanding and appreciation of the differences in both the types of aircraft as well as types of students. Troy loves to introduce others to the wonderful world of flight as much as he enjoys pushing himself and exploring the boundaries of the sport. Be sure to read his personal message inviting you to join him in this awesome sport.